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Proposal struck by lightening

Lightening strike proposal

There seems to be a spark between them! Amazing pictures taken to celebrate a couple’s engagement shows them nearly getting struck by LIGHTNING. Canadian couple Kassandra Sadker and Craig Nichols were photographed holding an umbrella in a field during a storm to celebrate their engagement. The striking couple, of Edmonton, Canada, were posing for the

Frozen movie themed proposal

Frozen movie themed proposal

A bride-to-be’s fairytale came true when her Prince Charming got down on one knee for a Frozen-themed marriage proposal. Brian Davis, 23, asked his girlfriend Michelle Seguin, 22, to marry him while the pair were dressed as the characters Princess Anna and Prince Hans from the hit Disney film. Miss Seguin said: “The entire thing

Bride to be Katie Kozlowska died from pneumonia

Pneumonia kills bride to be

A young woman died of pneumonia at the tragically young age of 26 – two days after she was due to get married. Katie Kozlowska died from double pneumonia, which doctors suspected was brought on by swine flu, two days after the date she had set for her wedding. Miss Kozlowska’s mother Jean Barker, 54,


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