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Ice climbing frozen waterfall

Frozen waterfall climbers

Frozen waterfall climbers

Daredevil climbers took advantage of falling temperatures to scale frozen waterfalls. Cold weather over the weekend provided climbers with an irresistible challenge when waterfalls froze in place. Daredevil climbers equipped with ice picks dodged deadly hanging ice curtains made of dagger-like icicles as they ascended the 70ft-tall structures. Photographer Matthew Crowley, 34, spotted the daring

Offroading wheelchair invention

Offroading wheelchair invention

A single father who was left paralysed after a motocross accident has invented a clip-on attachment which allows wheelchairs to be used for offroading adventures. Four years after coming up with his ingenious idea Patrick Dougherty, 52, is selling his FreeWheel attachment all over the world. Mr Dougherty, who has a 17-year-old daughter and a

Hunger Games bow and arrow

Hunger Games bow and arrow

The must-have Christmas gift for 2014 is the deadly crossbows with reverse limbs which any Hunger Games superfan can legally buy, without background checks. Suppliers of the Hoyt Buffalo hunting bow – Jennifer Lawrence’s weapon of choice in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ – say sales of the weapon, which is lethally accurate at 90 yards,

Patrick Hadler FIFA world record holder

FIFA world record

Think you are good at FIFA? Think again. Patrick Hadler, the world record holder for beating the computer on EA’s hugely popular football video game, says he could beat nearly any human opponent in a match. Earlier this year the teenager, who is a professional football coach, beat the computer 321 to nil, earning himself

Champs-Elysees Paris bike tour

Ultimate £80,000 bike tour

At the staggering cost of more than £80,000, could this be the ultimate cycling holiday? While most holidaymakers would be content with tow paths and an occasional pub lunch, a luxury travel company is hoping to attract couples with the chance to pedal around the 12 most fashionable cities in the world – at an

Zumba before and after

From fat to fitness instructor

A mum who was so fat she could not even stand up long enough to do the washing up has become a professional fitness instructor now she has lost more than 11 STONE through diet and exercise. Wendi Huggett, 40, once weighed 21st 1lb and wore size 34 clothing after severe postnatal depression led to

Velociraptor bike design

Dinosaur bicycle design

Jurassic lark! A student completed a monster challenge by pedaling 200 miles on a bicycle in the shape of a DINOSAUR. Markus Moestue, 32, turned three bicycles into velociraptor-shaped vehicle before making his marathon 198 mile journey from Stavanger to Kristiansand on the Norwegian coast. Mr Moestue said his velociraptor velocipede turned heads as he


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