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Stockholm Northern Lights

Stockholm Northern Lights

These incredible pictures show the Northern Lights over the rooftops of Stockholm. Astro-photographer Alessandro Merga, 24, captured the awe-inspiring sight of the aurora borealis over the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Mr Merga captured the stunning images from the roof of the Hilton Slussen Hotel which offers a great view of Stockholm’s old town. He said:

Travel to meet Facebook stranger

Facebook friend trip

A student travelled more than 5,000 miles to meet a stranger whom Facebook suggested he should befriend. Victor Van Rossem, 24, was curious when Neal D Retke, 49, popped up as a ‘suggested friend’ on his Facebook feed because the two had never met and had no obvious connection to each other aside from a

Gecko Rock Resort in Puerto Escondido

Handbuild beach hotel

An adventurous couple are celebrating now they have opened an idyllic beachfront hotel which they created from scratch. Michael Airhart and his wife Aileen built the Gecko Rock Resort over a period of two-and-a-half years, managing construction themselves and hiring help for only nine months of the building process. The couple, who have been married

Luxury Christmas holiday

£50k Christmas holiday

Could this be the most decadent Christmas holiday ever? A luxury travel website is offering one couple the chance to follow Santa around the world in a tour of eight countries to see the planet’s most spectacular Christmas festivities – but only if they have a cool £49,500 to spare. Highlights include a visit to

Polar bear tundra buggy

Arctic tundra buggy

Meals on wheels? A unique all-terrain vehicle brings sightseers within touching distance of the world’s largest land predators. The Tundra Buggy, a mammoth hand-built machine which towers 13ft over the arctic tundra, is capable of pulling a train of mobile lodges to create a “cruise liner on wheels” more than 200ft long, allowing lucky tourists

Car engine cooking on the road

Car engine cooking

Talk about fast food – a student has started cooking his meals on the engine of his CAR. Sports management student Alfred Cary, 22, cooks delicious grub by placing it on the engine of his Ford Ka and going for long drives. The engine heats up to such a degree that by the end of

Sulphur mine Mount Ijen, in Java

Sulphur miners in volcano

Tough day at work? Spare a thought for these sulphur miners who work inside the crater of an active VOLCANO. A British photographer snapped these incredible pictures which highlight the working conditions of sulphur miners in Indonesia. The miners walk more than nine kilometers a day, carrying baskets full of sulphur weighing twice their own

iPhone photography

Mobile phone photos

A British photographer captured these stunningly detailed portraits – using only a MOBILE PHONE. Allie Astell, 42, from Bath, moved to Egypt in 2011, where she found she enjoyed taking photographs of her Bedouin neighbours. The resulting pictures appear as if they were taken on a professional camera rig costing thousands of pounds, but in

Blind brothers' road trip

Blind brothers’ road trip

Two brothers with a devastating degenerative eye disease completed a once-in-a-lifetime road trip across the USA to see the sights before they both turn blind. Justin Purvis, 38, and Tod Purvis, 43, have choroideremia, an inherited disorder which causes progressive loss of vision. Medics have warned the pair that the disease is likely to cause

Champs-Elysees Paris bike tour

Ultimate £80,000 bike tour

At the staggering cost of more than £80,000, could this be the ultimate cycling holiday? While most holidaymakers would be content with tow paths and an occasional pub lunch, a luxury travel company is hoping to attract couples with the chance to pedal around the 12 most fashionable cities in the world – at an


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