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Underwater nightlife

Underwater nightlife

Surreal pictures of nocturnal sea creatures offer a rare glimpse of how life under sea changes when the sun goes down. Home to an exotic array of colourful fish during the day, the azure-blue waters around the islands of the Philippines are a popular hotspot for scuba divers. But when the sun goes down the

Underwater children photography

Underwater children

This colourful photo series shows the playful side of a group of water-babies. Adam Opris, 31, took these photos of children in their parents’ swimming pools. Mr Opris, 31, said: “My photography is all about capturing memories. It’s about catching the moments and bringing them back to life. “I love to see my models having

Remembrance for SS Salzburg

Remembrance dive

Divers have laid wreaths on the remains of a shipwreck which claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people. A team of divers from Ukraine have dived to the wreckage of German steamship which sank after being struck by a torpedo in October 1942, killing an estimated 2,000 people. The team placed commemorative wreaths and

Clownfish eggs

Clownfish babies

A photographer captured intimate pictures of a father clownfish caring for his babies, in scenes reminiscent of the hit Disney Pixar film Finding Nemo. Just like Marlin, Nemo’s caring father in the 2003 animated film, this male clownfish is determined to protect his young. These close-up underwater photographs show a male clownfish in Egypt guarding

Pygmy seahorse South Pacific ocean

Pygmy seahorses

Can you spot the seahorse? These tiny pygmy seahorses are hiding in plain sight. Pygmy seahorses, which usually grow to around 1.5cm in length, can adapt their skin colour to match the local environment, making them masters of disguise. There are so adept at camouflage that they blend in perfectly with the coral they live

Fashion dive photography

Underwater fashion dive

An underwater catwalk! A photographer has taken stunning pictures of models underwater. These alluring and surreal photographs of fashion-conscious freedivers were taken by Annelie Pompe, 33. Miss Pompe, who is herself an avid freediver, took photos of divers wearing fashionable clothes in order to give a fresh perspective on her sport. She said: “I fell

Shark diving

Shark diving pictures

A British photographer overcame his fear of sharks by swimming with up to TWENTY of the fearsome predators at a time. Factory worker Phil Wills, 44, was traumatised at the age of five when he watched the film Jaws. Mr Wills, of Nuneaton, refused to swim in deep water after watching the 1975 classic, in

Diver discovers WW2 wreck

Shipwrecked coffee beans

A cup of coffee more than 70 years in the making – divers brewed up coffee beans which they found sealed in the wreck of a ship which was sunk in 1942. A perfectly-preserved bottle of dry coffee beans was brought up from the wreck of the Sulina, a Romanian cargo ship which was sunk

bigfin reef squid

Illuminated bigfin reef squid

Incredible pictures reveal the mesmerising light display put on by squid at night. These breath-taking pictures show bigfin reef squid in the pitch black Red Sea putting on an extraordinary light show when the sun goes down. The curious creatures, who are often attracted by divers’ lights at night, can control their rapidly-changing body colours


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