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Tortoise mating ritual

Tortoise’s mating rage

The real teenage mutant ninja turtle! An adolescent tortoise headbutted an animal lover in a fit of passion before biting him. A hilarious video shows an amourous tortoise, named Gus, banging his shell against a process engineer who was lying on the floor before rushing in and biting his nipple. George Nixon, 24, was visiting

Diver discovers WW2 wreck

Shipwrecked coffee beans

A cup of coffee more than 70 years in the making – divers brewed up coffee beans which they found sealed in the wreck of a ship which was sunk in 1942. A perfectly-preserved bottle of dry coffee beans was brought up from the wreck of the Sulina, a Romanian cargo ship which was sunk

Whipsnade Zoo baby elephant

Baby elephant birth

Special delivery! A baby elephant has been born in a British zoo. Today (SEPT 18) Whipsnade Zoo announced the arrival of a newborn elephant, which was born on Tuesday. The male was born to fourth-time mother Azizah in one of the zoo’s paddocks. Other members of the herd of ten Asian elephants watched on throughout

Teen takes selfie every day

Teen’s selfie timelapse video

From boyhood to adulthood – a teenager has created a video that shows him age seven years in under two minutes. Hugo Cornellier, 19, took pictures of his own face every day from the age of 12 until the present day. The teenager used the pictures to create an awe-inspiring timelapse video which shows him

Spooky dungeon proposal

Spooky dungeon proposal

Until death do us part? For a boyfriend the eerie location of Edinburgh Dungeon was the perfect setting to get down on one knee and ask his girlfriend to marry him. Kevin Wells, 23, of Linlithgow in Scotland chose to pop the question to Lauren Mitchell, 22, at the unusually morbid venue on the one


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