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Lightening strike night into day illumination

Lightening strike illumination

This amazing picture depicts the exact moment the rain-lashed streets of Chelmsford were illuminated by a lightning strike. Photographer David Ward, 21, happened to press his shutter button at precisely the same time as a lightning bolt flashed at around 4am turning pitch darkness into broad daylight for a fraction of a second. Mr Ward

Ice climbing frozen waterfall

Frozen waterfall climbers

Daredevil climbers took advantage of falling temperatures to scale frozen waterfalls. Cold weather over the weekend provided climbers with an irresistible challenge when waterfalls froze in place. Daredevil climbers equipped with ice picks dodged deadly hanging ice curtains made of dagger-like icicles as they ascended the 70ft-tall structures. Photographer Matthew Crowley, 34, spotted the daring

Turtle snow sculpture

As freezing weather threatens the UK, three brothers have unveiled a 12ft-high snow turtle which they built in their parents’ gardens. The Bartz brothers, Austin, 20, Trevor, 19 and Connor, 16, began crafting the impressive beast on November 14th. In total it took them 300 hours to complete. Connor said: “It’s become a yearly tradition.

Frosty squirrel photos

Have you got my best side? A squirrel turns to pose for the camera in frosty Scotland. As temperatures plummeted in the UK a photographer managed to capture these pictures of a red squirrel hunting for nuts in wintry conditions. Wildlife photographer James Moore, 42, hid nuts for the inquisitive creatures to find. At one

Stockholm Northern Lights

These incredible pictures show the Northern Lights over the rooftops of Stockholm. Astro-photographer Alessandro Merga, 24, captured the awe-inspiring sight of the aurora borealis over the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Mr Merga captured the stunning images from the roof of the Hilton Slussen Hotel which offers a great view of Stockholm’s old town. He said:

Red squirrel in snow Scotland

Red squirrel in snow

What a fancy fur coat! A squirrel uses its bushy tail to protect itself from a snow storm in Scotland. As the first winter snow fell in the UK this weekend, a Scottish photographer managed to snap these pictures of a red squirrel hunting for nuts among a blizzard. James Moore, 42, photographed the red

Cloud perspective illusion, dragon blowing smoke

Cloud perspective photos

A vehicle painter has his head in the clouds now his playful pictures, which use false perspective to make it appear as if he is able to manipulate the weather, have gained him more than 20,000 followers on Instagram. Markus Einspannier, 34, has gathered a large online following thanks to a series of photos in

Example of a fallstreak cloud in Australia

Fallstreak cloud

A rare cloud which looked like a “portal in the sky” brought traffic to a halt on Sunday (NOV 2). Leesa Willmott, 47, was driving with her daughter when the pair spotted the cloud, which is termed a fallstreak hole by meteorologists, in the sky above them. She said: “It was a one-in-a-lifetime moment. I’d

Proposal struck by lightening

Lightening strike proposal

There seems to be a spark between them! Amazing pictures taken to celebrate a couple’s engagement shows them nearly getting struck by LIGHTNING. Canadian couple Kassandra Sadker and Craig Nichols were photographed holding an umbrella in a field during a storm to celebrate their engagement. The striking couple, of Edmonton, Canada, were posing for the


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