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Five stone weight loss progress photo

Sister inspired diet

A student lost ten inches from his waistline after being inspired to turn his health around by his seven-year-old sister who was battling leukemia. In total Ryan Ridgway, 19, lost five stone, shrinking from 20st to the 15st he is today. When his sister Niamh Ridgway, now 9, fell ill two years ago, Mr Ridgway

Bridesmaid weight loss transformation eight stone

Bridesmaid weight loss

A student who refused to be a bridesmaid at her aunt’s wedding because she was too fat has lost EIGHT stone. At 21 stone and a size 26, Gemma Wright, 21, was horrified when her aunt asked her to be bridesmaid at her wedding in May 2013. Mortified at the thought of waddling down the

Before and after weight loss man

Cider drinker’s weight loss

Time at the bar! A cider drinker has lost NINE stone by quitting alcohol for good. Anyone tempted to give in and have a pint rather than struggle through the last days of Dry January may find inspiration in the example of Phil Zipser, 35, who lost nine stone by kicking the booze. Father-of-three Mr

Sugar addict weight loss results

Pepsi addict’s weight loss

A woman lost an incredible SEVEN stone in just five months by ditching a sugar addiction which saw her consume up to two litres of Pepsi a day. Bozena Lisowicz, 28, who was 14st 9lb and wore size 18 clothes at her heaviest, became hooked on sugary treats and fatty, stodgy food as a mechanism

Gastric band before and after

NHS weight loss operations

A woman who has received £23,000 worth of weight loss surgery on the NHS wants another taxpayer-funded procedure to reshape her breasts. Beckie Lawton, 44, who at her heaviest weighed 30 stone, had struggled with weight gain since childhood. After years of failed dieting and exercising, a desperate Miss Lawton turned to her GP for

Cabbage soup diet before and after results

Cabbage soup slimmer

A teenager got so fed up with strangers bullying her on the street over her weight that she dropped FIVE dress sizes. Nursery worker, Laura Frankham, 19, reached her heaviest weight at 16st and wore size 20 clothing after years of thoughtless binge-eating due to boredom and self-esteem issues. In a bid to beat the

Wedding weight loss before and after in bridal gown

Wii wedding weight loss

A sales assistant shrank FIVE dress sizes to fit into her dream wedding dress – thanks to the games console she was bought for Christmas. Claire Proctor, 24, went from 14st 7lb and wearing a size 18 clothes to the 9st 7lb, size eight she is today in the space of just a year. Mrs

Gastric band saggy skin results

Gastric band disaster

A woman who lost 19 STONE thanks to quick-fix surgery admits to feeling less confident than when she was obese. Kelly Urey, 30, who at her heaviest weighed 26st said NHS gastric bypass surgery left her with crippling stomach pains which have ruined her life. Ms Urey shrunk from a size 30 to a size

Bikini weight loss inspiration

Beach resort weight loss

Porky in paradise! A mother-of-two went from beached whale to beach babe after she grew too afraid of wearing a bikini despite the fact she lived right next to a beach resort. Sheryl Kearney, 23, moved to a seaside home overlooking a beach in Cyprus shortly after she married her husband, Sam Kearney, 28, a


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