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Before and after weight loss

Takeaway addicts diet

Takeaway addicts diet

A junk food addicted couple shaved an incredible £5,000 off their household expenses by ditching the takeaways they enjoyed three times a week. Cherie Higginson, 37, and her husband Mark, 40, have saved an average of £100 a week and lost an amazing nine stone between them since they abandoning their thrice-weekly trips to the

Weight loss progress

Breaking bed weight loss

Breaking bed! An embarrassed mother lost eight stone in weight after a hospital bed collapsed underneath her weight. Sarah Bagley, 34, was left humiliated after a hospital bed collapsed under her 17st 6lb weight. The obese mother-of-four decided to change her lifestyle and has since lost and incredible eight stone through diet and exercise. Mrs

Fancy dress weight loss

An obese mother-of-two lost an incredible TEN STONE after seeing pictures of herself dressed as a porky Pocahontas. Kirsty Airey, 26, was looking through holiday snaps taken of her dressed in a squaw costume alongside slimmer friends when she realised she was dangerously overweight. The shock was enough to persuade her to change for good.

154lb weight loss results

Facebook weight loss

A mother-of-one logged onto Facebook and lost 11 stone by posting pictures of her progress online. Jennie Higgins, 26, tipped the scales at a whopping 21 stone after neglecting healthy eating following the birth of her daughter Eva, now four. Desperate to change, Miss Higgins, of Liverpool, began sharing her weight loss efforts online and,

Before and after weight loss

Zombie apocalypse slimmer

An obese mother-of-one lost seven stone after being inspired by ZOMBIES. Siobhan Maccow, 27, went on her brutal “zombie apocalypse diet” as a tribute to her favourite character from television show The Walking Dead. Ms Maccow, who has a six-year-old daughter, Milly, was 17st 7lb and wore size 18 clothing when she decided she wanted

Before after weight watchers

Wedding diet

A receptionist who was terrified of losing her man on their first date because she was fat is preparing to marry him now she has lost nearly EIGHT stone. Zoe Salter, 26, who at her heaviest weighed 17st 12lb, was convinced her partner Liam Blake, 27, a retail manager, would run out on their first

Fitness model before and after

Changing room slimmer

A woman who lost control of her weight following a divorce slimmed down FIVE dress sizes after the sight of her reflection in a changing room mirror made her “recoil in horror”. Yvonne Asare, 31, reached size 18 amid the breakdown of her marriage in 2010. After an embarrassing incident in a shop changing room,

Weight loss romance

Weight loss romance

A woman lost FOUR stone in excess weight which she had put on in the aftermath of a divorce – and found new love with her fitness instructor along the way. Tina Lessiter, 38, a community care worker of Barnstaple, Devon, became overweight and unhappy after the breakdown of her seven-year-long marriage in 2006. Her

Agoraphobic to fitness instructor

A woman whose anxiety led to alarming weight gain dropped SIX dress sizes after she managed to get her stress under control. Michelle Bird, 34, dropped from exactly 13 stone to 8st 7lb in the space of just two years after doctors delivered a shocking diagnosis that she was clinically obese and on the verge

Before after weight loss

Wife loses eight stone

A mother-of-one lost EIGHT STONE after she became worried that she was no longer attractive to her husband. Melanie Steinkamp, 46, reached 19st 5lb after years of indulging in a junk food habit which saw her eat a family-sized bar of chocolate every day. But after flicking through her family photo album, Mrs Steinkamp, a


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