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Abandoned seal

An adult grey seal found in a field in Merseyside is “not out of the woods yet” as he continues to struggle after his ordeal. The seal, named Dumbledore by his rescuers, is currently being cared for at the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre, where he was taken after being found in a field in

Snowy owls at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Snowy owl pictures

Two birdwatchers were lucky enough to capture shots of notoriously shy snowy owls at rest, thanks to a rare natural event. Steve Ash, 54, and his son Tyler, 26, had heard rumours that late December would see an irruption of snowy owls into southern Canada. Irruptions, unpredictable and dramatic migrations of birds to areas they

Red squirrel in snow Scotland

Red squirrel in snow

What a fancy fur coat! A squirrel uses its bushy tail to protect itself from a snow storm in Scotland. As the first winter snow fell in the UK this weekend, a Scottish photographer managed to snap these pictures of a red squirrel hunting for nuts among a blizzard. James Moore, 42, photographed the red

Refracted flower photographs by Alberto Panizza

Refracted flower photos

Mother nature provides the perfect lens in a stunning series of photos which show flowers reflected in droplets of morning dew. Nature enthusiast Alberto Panizza, 39, took the photos on the banks of the Po river in Italy using macro photography to capture the refracted flowers in meticulous detail. The photos depict a variety of

Kissing snails on mushroom

Kissing snails

A captured an intimate moment between two snails he caught KISSING on top of a mushroom. The picture seems to show the romantic side of the slow moving mollusc, more commonly associated with munching cabbage and leaving trails of slime than public displays of affection. The photo was taken by Alberto Panizza, 39, on a

White kingfisher

White-throated kingfisher

Bird’s eye view – a wildlife enthusiastic captured this perfectly composed shot of a kingfisher staring straight down his camera lens. This startling picture of a white-throated kingfisher offers a rare glimpse of what it is like to be squarely in the sights of this efficient hunter, which preys on aquatic creatures like fish and

Gazelle hand reared at home

Gazelle house guest

A zookeeper went the extra mile to save a gazelle which had been rejected by its mother – by taking it home and making it part of his family. Mark Holden, 40, a senior keeper at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, took the month-old gazelle named Larry home back to his family home in Leighton Buzzard,

Lincolnshire seal pups

Newborn seal pups

Mucky pups! Newborn seals play splash around in muddy water at a Lincolnshire nature reserve. Hundreds of seal pups are expected to be born at the Donna Nook Nature Reserve this breeding season. More than 1,700 grey seals were born in the area last year – around 5,000 visitors are expected to flock to the

Red squirrel autumn

Autumn red squirrels

Squirrels across the UK have begun stocking up on extra nuts as the temperature is set to plummet. These red squirrels, photographed on the Black Isle, near Inverness, Scotland, were pictured this week caching hazelnuts, suggesting that a long, cold winter is ahead of us. Every autumn squirrels gather food and hide it in trees


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