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Example of a fallstreak cloud in Australia

Fallstreak cloud

Fallstreak cloud

A rare cloud which looked like a “portal in the sky” brought traffic to a halt on Sunday (NOV 2). Leesa Willmott, 47, was driving with her daughter when the pair spotted the cloud, which is termed a fallstreak hole by meteorologists, in the sky above them. She said: “It was a one-in-a-lifetime moment. I’d

Sakurajima volcano erupting

Plane over erupting volcano

Enjoy your fright! An airline passenger looked out a plane window and realised he was flying directly over an erupting VOLCANO. Teacher Steve Olson was amazed to have a front-row seat as the Sakurajima volcano, in the Kyushu province of Japan, exploded beneath him. Mr Olson, 29, immediately took a picture of the mountain spewing

Nara Dreamland theme park

Abandoned Japanese Disney

The sweets in the vending machines are no longer safe to eat and the heart-pounding rides are now as still as the fibreglass mascots which haunt the landscape – inside the theme park left abandoned for nearly a decade. Photographer and travel writer Michael Turtle, 34, journeyed to the Nara Dreamland Theme Park, which closed

Champs-Elysees Paris bike tour

Ultimate £80,000 bike tour

At the staggering cost of more than £80,000, could this be the ultimate cycling holiday? While most holidaymakers would be content with tow paths and an occasional pub lunch, a luxury travel company is hoping to attract couples with the chance to pedal around the 12 most fashionable cities in the world – at an

Photo Cornwall sun down waves

Cornish sunset wave photographs

Pictures of the sunrise and sunset taken from inside the barrel of a wave offer a rare view of the British coastline, usually reserved for only the most courageous surfers. Surf photographer Callum Morse, 22, has spent five years photographing sunrises and sunsets from inside the tubes of wave. Mr Morse, a surfing instructor, takes

Diving Silfra Fissure in Lake Thingvallavatn Iceland

Fissure diving in Iceland

Crossing continents – divers with the best full face snorkeling mask explore a unique geological site where two tectonic plates meet. The Silfra Fissure in Iceland is a submerged rift on the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The plates in the fissure, in Lake Thingvallavatn in the Thingvellir National Park, are

bright pink Lake Natron in Tanzania

Pink lake in west Africa

Pretty in pink – incredible aerial photographs show a pink-coloured lake inhabited by millions of flamingos. The waters of Lake Natron, in northern Tanzania, are coloured varying shades of pink. The shallow lake owes its unusual colour to the pink photosynthesising cyanobacteria which populate the water. The serene-looking lake is in fact one of the


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